A visual feast

Feasting with work friends. Ordered from Forresters in Sydney, Surry Hills
Share a coffee with someone you love, but keep the bigger cup ;-) hehe
I love Japanese food! This dish is called Chicken Karage Donburi. It has fried chicken pieces (I know, cheeky), which sit on a bed of salad with steamed, fluffy rice. Soooo delicious, the best place to get it in Sydney is Siore in Surry Hills.
Nothing like a cappuccino made with love to begin the day
An evening of Chicken Udon soup, so light and delicious
Some food cheekiness. Strawberries dusted with icing sugar and a pot of melted dark chocolate, yumyum!!
My sugar/dairy/gluten free cheesecake that I made for Easter. Unfortunately it looks far better than it tastes, but i’m determined to perfect the recipe!
I haven’t posted anything for a while now, mostly because I’ve been trying to keep a healthy diet and not obsess over food too much (which you can probably imagine has been incredibly difficult). Here is an image of a dairy/sugar/gluten free ‘cheesecake’ i’m baking for Easter. Expect more posts like this, and a possible new Recipe page to accompany ;-)!
I really shouldn’t have dairy, but I loooove cheese! Made a margarita pizza with tons of mozarella for my dad’s bday feast. For dessert - dairy free crepes with my home-made nutella, yuuum!
Food indulgence at its finest ;-) A serving of Dutch Pancakes for two with vanilla bean ice cream, hot fudge sauce, diced strawberries and banana, all topped with a dusting of icing sugar.
A healthy breakfast of no-fat Greek Yoghurt, blueberries, chia seeds, flaxmeal, and a dash of honey
What else can I say - classic chocolate mousse
Beautiful Jujube Tea (Korean Date and Honey Tea), and detail of the lovely ceramics it came in
Seafood Platter from the Sydney Fish Market. If you love seafood and are in Sydney, I highly recommend  a trip there!
Made my dear friend a very Beatle Christmas Cake (that’s supposed to be George wearing a Xmas Hat hehe). Happy Holidays to all! :-)